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“The staff is very friendly and professional but obviously really care about their clients as well. Albert is definitely the best at what he does.”
Tiffany T | Clayton, CA

We love pampering our feline friends!

Bath & Brush

Our soothing warm water bath includes a deep-cleansing shampoo, gentle brushing for 10 minutes, ear cleaning, and nail trimming.

Hair Cut

Yes, we do kitty cuts too! Coat trims on cats can help to control matting and reduce shedding, and will increase your pet’s comfort during the warm summer months.

Standard Pricing*

Bath & Brush

Includes ear cleaning and nail trimming


Hygiene Clip

Hair clipped around anal area, unless otherwise directed


Tummy Shave

Chest shaved to back of legs, unless otherwise directed


Lion Cut

Mane left around neck, body shaved to length requested


Summer Cut

Hair trimmed to length and style requested



Entire body shaved to length requested


Flea Shampoo

Deep-cleansing, all-natural shampoo that eliminates fleas


Oatmeal Therapy

Perfect for sensitive skin


Collar Wash

Revives dirty, stinky collars


Nail Clip Only

No appointment necessary


*Note: Actual pricing is determined at appointment and based on desired cut/style, coat condition, and pet’s demeanor.

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Grooming with Scissors

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